Senin, Agustus 03, 2009

Nokia 3720 classic and a powerful hold in all circumstances

From Espoo, Finland, latest mobile phone products from Nokia recently introduced. Products and the latest mobile phone from Nokia is the Nokia 3720 Classic. With an IP-54 certified phone designed to hold water, dust and shocks. Follow the device from Nokia that the past rugged '(coarse) and this is very popular, the Nokia 3720 classic dibalut with a durable material and completely coated to protect the electronics inside. Nokia 3720 is expected to market its own retail dibandrol around 125 euros, or approximately 1.8 million (before tax).

"Whether used on the beach or in a building construction is dusty, the Nokia 3720 classic has been specifically designed for resistance to all the circumstances," emphatically Markku Suomi, Vice President, "While the Nokia 3720 classic is strong outside, the phone also turns out the same function if it is in the. By doing so, the phone can be the perfect choice for those who want a long durability and reliable in any situation as well. "

Nokia 3720 classic material itself has a durable and available in different colors of course. In addition there is also a battery cover, which can be both at the same time protect the component that is part baterei and the internal circuit of the device. All parts are locked with the screw, so that the user does not need to worry that the environment is wet, dusty or muddy though.

As expected, the Nokia 3720 classic also offers performance baterei a remarkable and durable with an LED flashlight. Additional add-ons including Nokia Maps, a 1 GB microSD memory card, the 900/1800/1900 tri-band GSM / EDGE 3720, has a 2 megapixel camera with flash, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.1 and is also equipped with a bright and large screen size 2.2 inch. Appropriate plan, he said these products will soon be circulating dipasaran precisely on the third quarter this year 2009.

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