Senin, Agustus 03, 2009

camera phone for all weather conditions

Including people who mobilitasnya high and often travel far? Well, it seems the product of a camera is suitable for people like you. Section has now produced and marketed a product for any camera phone weather conditions. The camera is now available from Brickhouse Security, which promises to provide everything you want from the system on a unit.

All-weather camera phone is equipped with a night vision camera (nightvision) body heat-activated pear (which is only 1.3 megapixel beresolusi, but you can not select-select in this one), 50 pentolan flash infra red, tactical laser that build in to ensure penunjuknya in the right position, a CompactFlash card slot to store photos in the mobile phone network to decrease, and a baterei 6V able to survive the suit 4-6 weeks (this can also be a backup baterei) , and several other features.

On price alone, this product dibandrol at 599 USD, or about 6 million. Hm, all depends on your decision. Are you interested?

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