Senin, Agustus 03, 2009

speed up windows vista

Microsoft releases Windows Vista with many versions, ranging from Basic, Home, Home premium, until the ultimate version. But many users complained because Vista requires a lot of memory just to display the graphics that, according to some user that something is not important. This is a little tips and tricks to speed up your Vista:

1. Disable some items in the start-up Vista
Windows sidebar, windows mediaplayer, or can be done with the "msconfig", and unchek application on start-up that is not necessary.

2. Disable unnecessary services
Through "msconfig" from the command prompt, unchek some service that does not need such as;

- Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
- If you want Aero Glass
- Diagnostic Policy Service
- Diagnostic Service Host
- Diagnostic System Host
- Offline Files
- Terminal Service
- Windows Error Reporting Service

3. Disable UAC (User Account Control)
Still through "msconfig", then select the tools tab, and select disable UAC

4. Disable Network Printer Search
- Press ALT to display the menubar
- Click Tools and select Folder Options
- On the View tab, uncheck Automatically search for network printers.

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