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Google Making Many People Being Smart

Google Making Many People Being Smart

 What should I do if do a search on the internet without a search engine.
 wah, how repotnya. Billions of web pages available on the internet, and the pages are always growing every time. Well as the parties wish to share information with their own domain, such as
 ompanies, publishing, communication, hobbiest, group discussions, personal notes, personal opinions, ff., and through the machines that created the information and data automatically.

 Here are some events that short interest was for the existence of search engines,
 ncluding the Google one.

Task Learning / Lectures

 I so remember when teaching in universities, so terrible student in completing their tasks,
 for example, be required to know how to work a tool, in a few days, the tasks they
 already collected through e-mail. In fact, there are less than 24 hours, they are able to provide reports them.

I  smile sometimes, not all teachers can access information such as the
  they do. Even for some cases, may be secondary school students are easier to get
 information than their teachers.

 College scholarships and to Foreign Affairs

 So much information available about scholarships on the internet, but also not easy to find
 nformation without assistance if the search engine such as Google.

 Google is an alternative that should be to search for scholarship information. By typing
 he word "scholarship" will appear on millions of scholarship information that you can access, if you want more details, the say you want a scholarship to a university in Japan, live enter keywords
 like [university scholarship japan] it appears that more detailed information again.

 So much of the scholarship search utilizing this facility. Google makes it easier for them to
 Information so that it can get to follow them up by them.

 Business Strategy

 Competition bisnispun always growing and increasingly sharp. And how that strategy can be more telling?
 any cases in the world, such as success and failure.

 That step is the most appropriate for your business? Look on the internet, take advantage of Google as a search engine, enter the keywords you want. Find the right!

Media Campaign

 Not a few e-mail that is sent to the author, why do they rarely visited the site? Various
 cases that can lead to such things, including strategies for the virtual world,
 such as using the search engine as the media campaign.

 Alert search engine about the existence of your site, susunlah information is in
 interesting to show that by the machine, and also interesting to read by humans, so that when
  keyword search in search engines, then your site will be the priority for display.

Using this search engine!

 knowing People First Information

Many people who come to the attention on the environment around them because they are the people who know
 information first. For example do not have far-far away, someone who discloses information
 first in the neighborhood, will be more attention from people who are around them.

 Moreover, the existence of search engines, each person can get the latest information from the state anywhere, to search for information about scientific karyatulis? Research? Ball? Gossip? Dst? Yes, stay in the search engine

 Satellite images of

 You want to get satellite images of areas for certain? Google's photo service with satelit
 also ready to help you. Use Google Earth!

 Location Map

 You have relatives in a city in the United States there, and they want to visit? Or even just
 so see the name of the street around the residence?

 Google is ready to help you! You will know their address map without having to buy a map in their home country!

 Many More!

 and ..... many search facilities that you may do! Use Google!

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