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Tips Caring Laptops

Laptop or Notebook bukanlagi category of goods that enter the luxury goods flooding the products that produce good laptop manufacturer in the form of official or "laptop cannibal" with the price also varies depending on the bag we would.
Many of us may only be operating the laptop but not know how that laptop can be well maintained and long-lived.
Here are some tips that you can treat your laptop praktekkan

Clearing the "Keyboard"
Keyboar laptop easy once dirty, either because of the greasy fingers, cigarette ashes, bread crumb, crumb, or dust. Take the brush and to sapukan between the button to remove dirt, or use a portable vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust. Clean the surface with a cloth button KIBOR a drabble liquid glass cleaner. Use protective masks to prevent dirt KIBOR.

Dust screen
Do not indiscriminate use cleaning fluids on the screen, use glass cleaner. Semprotkan on tissue or cloth, and polish the screen monitor. Do not inject directly on the screen, because it can cause pemukaan LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to be striped. Clean the direction, for example, from top to bottom or from left to right, and not pressing too hard.

Avoid the Summer Sun
Do not leave the notebook in the car that diparkir in the sun. Excessive heat in the car can cause damage to components notebook.

Avoid scratches
Amankan sharp objects from around the notebook. Place a protective layer above KIBOR before you close the case, so no screen scratches. If you want to travel, enter the notebook case / bag that has been available.

Brilliant case
Hands dirty and greasy which is also a case does not cause more mengilat. Use detergent nonzat Alkaline water to be mixed up. Can also with the Centers for cleaning electronic peranti, which usually form foam. Semprotkan on soft cloth towel, then gently scrub the surface of the case.

Save a notebook
When you will save time in the notebook, you should remove the battery and store in a cool place and dry, and air bersirkulasi good enough. Put Silicon gel to avoid fungus. So you want to use it again, with the electric battery is fully complete and clear as much as three times in succession.

Avoid Medan Magnet
To protect the data on the hard disk, do not place peranti containing magnetic fields / elektromagnet strong in the notebook around. Peranti-peranti of magnetic fields, for example, the spiker does not berpelindung (unshielded speaker system) or mobile phone. If you want to access the Internet using the facility infrared on the phone, place the phone in the distance about 15 cm from the notebook.

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