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Strategies for Those who lecture in the field of Information Technology

During the author became a lecturer, not one or two students want to master all the things in this computer world (read: information), especially during mid-lecture. But, finally realized when going toward thesis, that for a specific course of studies is very deep.

So what strategy should be done by informatics students to prepare themselves to be ready to face the world when completed graduate work?

This question is often asked by students both at the time of formal lectures and outside that time. Of monitoring during both the academic environment and in the working world, several things must be held by the student, namely:

1. Understand the basic concepts of how the technology works

The scope of informatics is very broad, will not be a move in this field can be in control of everything. Keep in mind, so many people who lay in this field, so sometimes they are considered an in this field understand everything about technology. Key Peganlah of each concept. Like:

* How can an information processing machine can work,
* Bagaimanalogika applied mathematics in this technology,
* How can a programming concept can ask the machine to do something the desired result by pemrogrammnya,
* How does an information is processed so that a machine can provide the information desired by the user,
* How does a system can communicate so that a machine capable of connected to each other,
* And others
2. Select one of the areas that really want to ditekuni.

As presented above, such information is very broad in scope, it is impossible to a man who was in this field can control everything.

3. Sharpen skills in English language

Equally we admit, English is important language to learn this technology considering the reference sources and a lot of knowledge comes from the west that in fact is using the English language. Information widely available on the internet. The field of informatics is a field that many use the term derived from English.

At a minimum, the English language is controlled in terms of English reading or passive.

4. Follow continued development of information technology

Regularly read the journals, news and discussion. The development of informatics in the world is very sensitive, meaning almost time after time in a variety of new solutions that successfully raised by the informatikawan. This technology is one that has a fairly high growth in the world.

No way, look at the development of computers, computer compare the present with a year ago, look at his ability, look at the speed of the process, look at the medium capacity, look at this technology kebidang touch anything, and ..... more. Even we do not often find, a technology that not too long ago had become an antique replacement considering new technologies emerge so quickly.

As a informatikawan, should always follow their development.

5. Search capabilities more

If you follow the path to college, do not just sit on the curriculum standards let alone playing with theory without practice. Generally give theoretical lectures, which are the foundations of these technologies.

At the beginning level, your skills will not be so regarded if only to understand the skin-skin just from this technology, without knowing how to implement it.

The ability to seek more, become expert in the field you like, find more capacity than the ability of students generally. Whenever necessary, or do mengoprek frequent practices of the field you liked.

For example if you are pleased with the operating system, regularly cultivate, manage configurations, and sharpen the ability of the operating system you prefer.

If you like programming (programming), frequent practice, so you can complete a structured problem quickly.

6. Active surfing on the Internet

Lots of knowledge and information available on the Internet. There's nothing to be afraid of something that we think have not yet understood. In this initial phase step. Use the Internet. Using the internet is very easy! As I mentioned earlier, my son who had just entered elementary school could use it. Moreover, we are able to read and explore further.

If you have never used it, a lot of books available on how to use this internet for beginners, which is produced by various authors and publishers. One of them is such that we had previously written, entitled, "Using the Internet". There you will be taken how to know, use it, to take advantage of existing resources. Unfortunately, since this paper is not likely to go, then we can not discuss in more detail here.

Or invite someone who never used it. I'm sure, less than an hour, you can have your way!

7. Om Akrablah with Google

There are interesting sentence from one of my staff, "Want to know the answer? Let us ask the same Om Google! "

I smiled when I heard this phrase when he delivered the first time, as if similar host comments "Quiz Galileo" on SCTV.

For Internet users, Google may not be a strange item, or sites that are not recognizable. Why not? The author never got the information, that Google is the search engines (search engines) the most famous, at least at the time of this writing was written. This site address is http://www.google.com/

Please go to the site, try searching for the information you want, no matter what information you are looking for Indonesian language, or other foreign languages. Even if you want language daerahpun okay, if the information you requested no internet sea, then almost certainly he could find.

If you want to explore more about the search, the search strategy, and ability that you can optimize this by using Google, you can read the book "Exploring the World with Google", published by Penerbit Informatika Bandung.

Google is only one of the other search engines, there are many more others, such as yahoo, altavista, and SearchIndonesia. The last site we mentioned is a search site created by the Indonesian people.

Google this machine, according to their confessions, has billions of information stored on their servers. No dibatasioleh countries. Not restricted by region. And not limited by language.

Its use was easy. Do not need skill too complicated here. Can read and write enough. As long as your computer has been connected to the Internet, type in google the address as mentioned above. Then will come one simple page.

Then to do a search for the information you desire, please enter keywords that you want on the site.

8. Confused with the term? Open total.or.id

For newcomers, a term that is in the world is full of information about the impression of confusion, let us take the example of the mouse, which literally means the mouse, but in this field, defined by means of the mouse pointer to an object is displayed on the monitor screen .

There are hundreds, thousands, and who knows how many more terms that are not too familiar impressions of a person. Alhamdulillah, the world is all connected now there is only solution to overcome it, one of them is as total.or.id available on the site, there are tens of thousands of terms that are translated and explained to the Indonesian language, so bad to make it easier to understand terms ditermukan in everyday life, especially in this information.

If you have the ability to speak English, serupapun sites can be found on the Internet.

9. Experts Kontaklah directly from your computer

If the information you want very specific, or even the opinions of other parties, why not just contact them directly via your computer? I am sure, if you were talking in the field of information technology, those related to information technology is most likely to have frequent email and online on the internet!

Type a short letter, and send it to the expert. They will answer or not depending on the course concerned. Same with you, when you will answer a message and when not to answer. Of course depends also with the approach taken to them.

At the very least, with the availability of this email, we will make it easier to communicate between each other.

If the email in question is not known where there is no harm in trying to contact someone who knows where the email address you are looking for.

10. Join the community

This is interesting again. There is a facility on the Internet called the mailing list. This mailing list is an excellent medium for delivering messages between the members of which are listed in a group / groups.

So many mailing lists that are available, usually adjusted based on something that they gathered on the internet. Uniquely, this media using email. So that every member who registered, will get an email from each of the incoming message.

With the facility mailing list, we do not bother to know the addresses of all friends who are in the community. We just know an address where they were discussing. In a message sent to that address, then it will immediately get a message that you send. Similarly, if there is a response, then all members also get a response. And so on.

Katakanlah kita mengirimkan pesan ke kelompok tersebut yang anggotanya khusus untuk para pengambil keputusan dan pelaku bisnis di Indonesia. So they are more likely to discussion to the existing problems between the members of businesses could even be a way to find business partners.

Quite a lot of these groups are available on the Internet, in accordance with their respective fields. By the time you enroll in a mailing list, there are times when the manager asked for your identity, please fill in, may be required as their database.

There are some ethics that applies generally in the group on the internet, called nettique (ethics in the net). Among them are members introduce themselves to other existing at the time we've just become a member of the group, at least not as you say hello that is a new member, so that the other guys know your presence in the group. Not introduce yourself to the forum is not the true problem.

Once a member, you can be active or passive involvement as a member. If you are interested to send a message or comment on the incoming message to be submitted to the forum. Let the machines that manage the targeted wherever and to whomever your message delivered.

Then, if we had been tied to a mailing list, if I could pull away with your membership? Sure can. You can do so at any time, in accordance with the provisions of the group you follow.

11. Realtime discussions, teleconferences, or chat

If you are familiar with someone, you can also find out if your friends are online or not. Of course the relevant knowledge, if he allows you, or do not know this.

Then, talk directly with you mean online and realtime. Discussions can be done with the conversation by typing in your messages and respond to each other, which is often called chats. Or even to talk directly by using the voice, and added images on the camera, which is called the teleconference.

12. Follow the international certification

This is not a necessity, unless you want to quickly win the competition to show your skills. If you follow the international certification education with this and you managed to get the certification, this is a proof that you explore these areas are recognized not only in our country alone, but admitted the world. Find a qualified certification.

Quite a lot of expertise in the field of certification of this information.

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