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They create strategies that lecture in the field of Information Technology

They create strategies that lecture in the field of Information Technology

Author during a lecturer, not a one-two students want to take all things in this world (read: information), especially at mid-course. However, the new tersadar when approaching the college would like, that for a very specific knowledge in the course.

So what strategy should be done by the students for information in order to prepare himself ready to face the world of work when done diwisuda?

This question is often asked by students both at the time of formal lectures and outside that time. Of monitoring during this dilingkungan both academic and in the world of work, some things have to be held by the student, namely:

 . Understand the basic concept of how these technologies work

She scope of informatics is very knowledgeable, may not be a move in this field can control everything in the. Keep in mind, it is very common that many people with this field, so that they sometimes assume that a is in this field to understand everything about technology. Peganlah key of each concept. Such as:

How an information processing machine can work,
Bagaimanalogika applied mathematics in this technology,
How is the concept of programming a machine able to ask for something desired by the appropriate pemrogrammnya,
  How can information be processed so that a machine can provide an information desired by users,
  How can a system of communication so that a machine capable of connecting with one another,
  And others
 . Specify one of the areas that really want to ditekuni.

 Is presented above, the information is lingkupnya space is very knowledgeable, a man who may not be in this field can control everything.

 . Sharpen skills in speaking English

 Together we akui, the English language is important to remember this technology deep into sources of knowledge and many references are from the western English notabene use this. Information widely available on the internet. Field of informatics is the field that many use the term that comes from the English language.

 It least, mastered the English language is read in English or passive.

 . Continue to follow the development of informatics technology

 Aften read the journals, news and discussions. The development of informatics in the world is very sensitive, meaning almost time for the time found many new solutions that appear by the successful informatikawan. This technology including the one that has a relatively high growth in the world.

 To far-away, see the development of the computer, compare the computer that there is now a year ago, see the ability, see the speed of the process, the medium capacity, see, touch, see this technology kebidang what, and ..... many more. Even we do not often find, a technology that has not already become too old antique successor considering a new technology appears so quickly.

 Is a informatikawan, must always follow the development.

 . Search more ability

 If you follow the path a student, not only to stand let alone a standard curriculum only play with the only theory without practice. Lectures provide theoretical general, which is the basics of these technologies.

 It the beginning, you will not be the ability to be seen if only to understand the skin-the skin only from this technology, without the know how to implement.

 The ability to seek more, become experts in the field you like, find more ability than the ability of the students in general. When necessary, often do mengoprek or practices from the field that you senangi.

 For example, if you are happy with the Operating System, often mengolahnya, set the configuration, and enhance the ability of the operating system you like.

 If you like programming (programming), practice often, so you can complete a structured problems quickly.

 . On surfing the Internet

 Many knowledge and information available on the Internet. There is no need to ditakuti not something that we consider not understand. As the initial phase of this step. Use the Internet. Using the internet is very easy! As was disclosed previously, children who enter primary school not only able to use it. Moreover, we can read and analyze further.

 If you have never used it, many books available on how to use the internet is for beginners, which is produced by various authors and publishers. One of them is such that we have written before, with the title, "Using the Internet". There you will know how to take, use, to utilize existing resources. Unfortunately, because this paper is not likely to get there, we can not discuss more detailed here.

 ngage or someone who never use it. I believe, less than one hour, you can have your own way!

 . Join with Google

 It's interesting sentence from one of my staff, "Want to know the answer? Let's ask Google the same! "

 I smile when you hear this the first time he submit, as it were, will be similar to the comments of the "Galileo Quiz" on SCTV.

 For internet users, so Google can not is a curiosity, or sites that are not recognized. Why not? The author was informed that Google is a search engine (site search) the most famous, most not at the time this article was written. Address of this site is http://www.google.com/

 Please open the site, try to find the information you want, no matter who you are looking for information in Indonesia, and other foreign languages. Even if the language would daerahpun okay, if the information you have requested dilautan internet, then he can almost be found.

 If you want to go deep more about search, search strategy, and ability that you can optimize this by using Google, you can read the book "Navigate the World with Google" is published by the Publishers Information Bandung.

 Google is only one of the other search engines, there are many more others, such as yahoo, altavista, and SearchIndonesia. The last site we mentioned is a search site is created by the Indonesian nation.

 Machine according to this Google-recognition-they have the billions of information stored on their servers. Not dibatasioleh countries. Not limited by region. And not limited by language.

I se is also very easy. Does not need skill too complex here. Can read and write just enough. As long as your computer is connected to the internet, type in your address as mentioned above. Then a page will appear simple.

 then to make the search for the information you want, please enter keywords that you want on the site.

 . Confused with the term? Open total.or.id

 For the newcomer, in terms of informatics in the world is full of things that kesannya confusing, let's take the example of mouse literally means mouse, but in this field, defined with the mouse tool to bookmark a object that is displayed on the monitor screen .

 Still have hundreds, thousands, and somehow the longer term the kesannya not too familiar for a person. Alhamdulillah, the world is already well-connected at this time there is only solution to overcome this, one of which is as total.or.id available on the site, there are tens of thousands of terms to be translated and in English, so snug to ease in understanding terms of ditermukan in daily life, especially in the field of informatics is.

 if you have ability in English, serupapun sites you can find on the Internet.

 If the information you want is very specific, or even opinions of other parties, why not just contact them directly via your computer? I am sure, if you speak in the field of information technology, those related to information technology is very likely have email and online on the internet often!

 Type a short letter, and send it to the experts. They will say or do not necessarily depend on that. Same with you, when you will say a message and when it does not. Of course also depends on the approach taken to them.

 It least, with disediakannya this email, we will make it easier to communicate with each other.

 If the email does not know where, no one tried to contact the person who knows where the email address you are looking for.

 0. Join the community

 This is more interesting. There is a facility on the Internet is a mailing list. This mailing list is a means for the delivery of messages between registered in a group / groups.

 There are so many mailing lists are available, usually based on compliance with a case so that they gather on the internet. Uniquely, the media use this email. So that every member who is registered, will get an email from each of the incoming message.

 With the facility mailing list, we need not trouble to know the addresses of all the friends in the community. We just know one address where they discussed. With a message sent to that address, they will all get a direct message that you send. Similarly if there is a response to, all members also get a response. So on.

 ay we send a message to the group whose members specifically for decision-makers and business actors in Indonesia. So they are more likely to discuss the problems that have between the business can even just how to find business partners.

 Enough of this group available on the internet, in accordance with their respective fields. At the time you enroll in a mailing list, sometimes the manager asks for your identity, please fill in, may be needed as their database.

 There are usually a bit of ethics that apply in the group on the internet, which is called the nettique (ethics in the net). Among them is to introduce themselves to members of other existing at the time we've just become a member of the group, as most do not say hello that you are a new member, so that other colleagues know your presence in the group. Does not introduce himself to the forum is also not a problem actually.

a member, you can be involved as active and passive members. If you are interested to send a message or a message on the entry to be submitted to the forum. Let the engine that manages dituju where and to whom your messages are delivered.

 Then, if we have been bound with a mailing list, what can withdraw with your membership? Sure can. You can do so at any time, in accordance with the provisions of a group that you follow.

 1. Realtime discussion, teleconference, or chat

 If you are familiar with someone, you can also find out if your friends are online or not. Of course up sepengetahuan concerned, whether he or does not allow you to know this.

 Then, direct discussion with the purpose of your online and realtime. Discussion can be done with the conversation by typing your message each other answers, which are often called chats. Or even to talk directly with the voice, and added a picture of the camera, called a teleconference with the term.

 2. Follow the international certification

 This is not a must, unless you want to win the competition in the fast show your ability. If you follow the international education and certification, and you get the certification is successful, this is an evidence that deepens your field is recognized not only in our country alone, but the world confess. Look for a qualified certification.

Quite a lot of skills certification in this field of informatics.

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