Selasa, Agustus 04, 2009

Sales of Nintendo DS Two Times more than the PSP

Not only can the levying of folded, but the Nintendo DS can be a two-fold seteru abadinya, the Sony PSP in terms of sales achievement. Nintendo as the company that issued a gaming handheld NDS recently claiming their products as a game that quickly sold most of which have ever been. Total sales in 6 months in March 2009 has reached 100 million, the figure is derived from the total sales worldwide. A remarkable achievement in the game industry, because the Nintendo only take four years and three months since dirilisnya device, namely on 21 November 2004 back.

As a comparison product portable game console that also release Nintendo, Game Boy takes 11 years and two months to be able to reach 100 million sales figures, based on data from internal company.

Total sales from the chart above series including the original DS, DS Lite and the DSi, and so far sales NDS is still increasing rapidly, especially after the release of the DSi series of improvement in hardware and software.

Then how about the number of sales achieved PSP itself? Although far less from the NDS, but the SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) is still proud of the achievement claim PSP sales of 50 million around the world. Total sales that are included for all series PSP (PSP-1000, 2000, and 3000). This handheld game devices have been launched since 4 years ago in Japan, precisely in December 2004.

To pursue dropping from NDS would not want the Sony PSP should engeluarkan series with the latest features that significantly increase to balance the many interesting features in the NDS. From the rumor circulating in the virtual ranah akan Sony PSP without removing the drive UMD (Universal Media Disc) and the form of slides, so the screen can slide the cover on the control button in the row underneath. There are likely more akan latest PSP slim, lightweight and probably will have touch screen support. We are waiting further developments in this portable console war.

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